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Woohyun "pretends" not to hear A-Pink Bomi's fart

  • Bomi:

    We go to the same shop and I farted..

  • Chorong:

    Bomi didn't know she did it. I was even sitting next to her and she was sleeping

  • Hyungdon:

    What was Woohyun's reaction?

  • Bomi:

    I'm not sure if he does or doesn't know

  • Chorong:

    From what I heard, I'm pretty sure he heard it. As soon as Woohyun sat down, Bomi farted

  • Chorong:

    But the really cool / nice thing about Woohyun is that, he was just touching his phone and I was also pretending to sleep, and he obviously heard it but he pretended to not hear anything. Like no joke, all the stylists in the shop laughed.

  • Hyungdon:

    Poker face

  • Bomi:

    No, I don't think he heard it.

  • Chorong:

    No! I heard it from the other side of the shop!




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Question: what happens when Youngmin gets angry? and what is it??

hint: He throws something!

Answer : He throws a tantrum.

Boyfriend & other stars similarities





                               Donghyun & some actor (???)

                             Hyunseong & Junhyung (BEAST)

                             Jeongmin & Minhyuk (CNBLUE)

                         Jo Twins & Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

                     Minwoo & No Minwoo (Actor/ ex Trax member)

What do you guys think?

My God o.o

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